Delivery SYSTEM:

  1. Usually, it will take 15-40 days to arrive product in our store from China. After receiving your products, we will send your items as soon as possible.
  2. Also, It depends on the parcel courier service which one you pick.


  1. We place the order manually. Usually, we take 24 to 48 hours to place your orders. It can be late more than 48 hours in case of any critical issue occurs.
  2. In case of short time offers, if we find the offer time is over and the price is high than your order time; we will not place the order. We also don’t order if we find –

    • Price is higher than the mentioned price
    • Illegal Products
    • High tax possibility
    • Private shipping (Like DHL, DPEX, Aramex etc.)
    • Color/Size mismatched

    Moreover, we will not place any order if you request the item that more than 1.5 kg in weight. We will notify the customer if we don’t place the order. It will take maximum 7 days to send you the refund. Alternatively, you can adjust the refunded amount with a new order.

  3. During the whole process, you will receive updates from us. If you order a single product then “Product Status” update is enough for you. Otherwise, if you order more than one product, you will also get the “Order Status” update.

Tax-related Discussion:

  1. After reaching the product we will add the tax amount with the invoice. You will be noticed through email. Then you need to pay us before the delivery process.
  2. Why Bigline is paying taxes and then asking the purchaser to pay the amount?
     Ok. It’s needed to pay the tax immediately after reaching the products to customs. They don’t hold the product for more than 24 hours. So, there is no way to contact every single customer asking for paying tax. We pay the tax to receive the products at the right time. The customer has no chance to pay the tax directly because AliExpress send a shipment of products to our address.
  3. Bigline will not provide you with the tax receipt because of business clearance. If you need this badly, then you can take a picture or a photocopy. You are not allowed to ask for the main copy of the tax receipt.
  4. It’s not possible to guess the amount of tax for all products like a mobile, smartwatch, heavyweight products, shoes etc. But we have a little bit idea. Sometimes this does not work at all. So, you need to pay the amount what customs authority charges for your products during the clearance process.
  5. We don’t add tax costs during the order process stage. So, we ask our users to pay the tax after getting the notice from the Post Office in details. We are bound to pay the amount whatever they charge for clearance.


  1. We accept Bkash, Rocket and bank transfer/Deposit


  1. After successful purchase, we will add the tracking code for the item to your order. You can find tracking code in your order details page on the account pane.


  1. Unfortunately, We don’t have the warranty system yet.


  1. If you received broken and unusable product then you can ask for a refund in our help center. You can claim a partial refund for broken products. In this case, you need to send some videos and still pictures as evidence.
  2. The maximum time of reaching the product is 65 days(Depend on buyer protection time). After this time period, you can claim the refund. But if there any critical situations like special offer time, long vacation etc, then we suggest you be patient.
  3. If you order any illegal items that violate the terms and conditions of Bigline then you may not get any refund.
  4. We will refund within 15-30 business days but sometimes it will take up to 65 days to clear your fund.
  5. If the product you received is not the wrong one, but you don’t like this, there is no chance of product return. AliExpress has no policy on returning products. Therefore in our business, there is no chance for returning products.